Tremendous trip to the three islands of Ko Loyola, Ko Wai and Ko Khlum, organized by Raf Furr and Eddie. Due to the fact that nobody came for the attachment, we went four, so the conditions were better than good. Kindest service. The gentlemen were adapting to our schedule. We were the first on Ko Layola, so the beach was all ours. Medium reef, but close to the shore. No pub, because the hotel owner said he opens as he has 30 guests. But the coconuts were. On Ko Wai a little more people, the pub and reef a little better than the previous one. You need to swim to the shore from the boat, so it’s good to have a waterproof bag. Medium-sized beach, but very charming. A modest lunch on board, but very tasty and, what is important for children, mild. A lot of fruits. And for dessert – the reef at Ko Khlum is very nice. Lots of fish, lively and diverse reef. We didn’t go ashore here. Coming back, we also got to Koh Chang, where there are a lot of monkeys. Thanks again RafaƂ. ?????