Yesterday a trip to 3 islands by private boat…. The trip was really great. Islands like on postcards… converted fishing boat-class.
With three lovely couples from Poland – real luxury.
We saw huge bunk ice on the way filled with a lot of tourists… Horror.

As a special attraction was
fishing from Łódź which turned out to be quite soon if you have absolutely no idea about it ?

snorkeling on coral reefs with a lot of colorful fish ?-adorable…
A few slices of bread collect hundreds of hungry fish ????
Boat service was casual, we set up a trip plan and stay on the islands…
Transport from the hotel included in the price ? and driving to the port by car on mountain streamers turned out to be quite an attraction.
By the way, we visited the southwest part of the island and Bang Bao fishing – it’s worth visiting (lots of various shops whatever the soul desires. Prices are much lower than on other parts of the island, so all ladies will definitely be able to choose something beautiful ?

I recommend with all my heart to everyone interested for such a short trip to paradise.

Rafał thank you so much for your next help with the organization You can learn a lot from you and learn ??