Although Bang Bao is not a traditional Thai style fishing village as it used to be, it is still one of the best places on the island if you know where to go. Currently, Bang Bao Pier is the main starting point for boat / diving / snorkeling trips around Koh Chang, and the main wooden path on stilts leading to the port itself has clearly become a tourist shopping destination.

The main pier, however, is still charming, except during rush hour, when tourists run around the souvenir shops. In the middle of the day it can be a quiet area where watching fishing boats and incoming and arriving employees can be a satisfying show in itself if you are a contemplative person.

As for the Bang Bao pier and activities (boat trips, excellent seafood restaurants, souvenir shops etc.), you’ll find a lot of information on the internet: you can familiarize yourself with our offers (priv please). However, some secrets are well maintained by the Koh Chang community about Bang Bao, so you should see for yourself.

The charm of Bang Bao comes from the main pier, from tourist activities. As you can see on this map, Bang Bao is a large area, and spending a few days exploring it is definitely worth it. Only you can discover the indescribable secrets of Bang Bao Bay.

Take a few days to discover it outside the main attractions, forget about Lonely Planet and find your own opinion – then you will understand why it can be a really good choice for a long stay on Koh Chang.

The northern side of the bay is a very nice area, still undeveloped, and spending a few hours exploring various trails is a very good idea. There you will find a quiet lifestyle and meet very friendly local residents living from the tourist noise of the pier. What’s more, the view is simply stunning, and some secret places are the most beautiful viewpoints of the island. You will not find any information about them on the Internet, and we will not spoil the joy of self-exploring the bay.

In total, you will find there: a war memorial of the 2 Thai Navy Thai battle at Koh Chang, a secret wooden pontoon on stilts leading to a hidden path to a small itinerant jungle, Thai families living in this area for generations, small secluded beaches great views of the entire Bay of Bang Bao , calm landscapes from famous tourist routes, etc.

Bangbao from the bird’s eye view:

This video says it’s Wai Chaek Beach, but it’s the other end of Klong Kloi Beach, about 1 kilometer from Bangbao. If you’re going to Bangbao, it’s also worth spending some time on the beach. The resort’s video is the strange Aunchaleena Beach Resort, where you have to pay to enter (100 THB per person). Not because it is super luxurious, but it has a private beach. The Plaza is worth a visit:

A great trip to the three islands of Ko Loyola, Ko Wai and Ko Khlum, organized by Raf Furr and Eddie. Due to the fact that nobody came for the attachment, we went four, so the conditions were better than good. Kindest service. The gentlemen were adapting to our schedule. We were the first on Ko Layola, so the beach was all ours. Medium reef, but close to the shore. No pub, because the hotel owner said he opens as he has 30 guests. But the coconuts were. On Ko Wai a little more people, the pub and reef a little better than the previous one. You need to swim to the shore from the boat, so it’s good to have a waterproof bag. Medium-sized beach, but very charming. A modest lunch on board, but very tasty and, what is important for children, mild. A lot of fruits. And for dessert – the reef at Ko Khlum is very nice. Lots of fish, lively and diverse reef. We didn’t go ashore here. Coming back, we also got to Koh Chang, where there are a lot of monkeys. Thanks again RafaƂ. ?????