50 best places to see on Koh Chang

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Many people rent scooters or cars to let them see the whole island. Having your own transport allows you to stop when you want to enjoy the views or check out an interesting place. However, one of the problems facing the demanding, loving selfie photographer who is now hooked on Instagram is getting the best views of the island. You don’t want to waste time posing freely by the palm or nonchalantly walking past a fisherman’s country house, sending it, and then discovering a much better location for similar photos 30 minutes later. It will ruin your vacation.

So to help, here are some ideas for some of the best places to visit, for great views, and for sightseeing. You won’t be able to get around all these places in one day. Wait at least a few days (more if you want to get the best views from the mountain tops), but if you do, your social media followers will be delighted and you will achieve the standing god of travel.

Remember that if you are an old date, do not have a selfie stick, but just enjoy the nice views, and sightseeing during the holidays is fine. You can still visit these places.

There are no rewards for collecting the full set of photos. But if you do this, send me a hyperlink to your Instagram, and I will gladly share it with people who can give you “Like”.

The best views and places on Koh Chang

You can’t go round the island because there is no road from Bangbao to Salakphet along the southern coast. So I’ll start on the southwest of the island, head north, then along the east coast to the southeastern tip. The attached map shows all the places you will visit.

1) Naval Shrine. It is as far southwest as possible on Koh Chang. Park in the cabins at the end of the road, then follow the path to Naval Shrine. From there you have beautiful views of the bay. You will also want to take a picture of the temple itself to commemorate sailors who fell during World War II.

2) Views of the Bangbao bay. The road from the village of Bangbao to the temple leads to the hillside, which allows great views of the bay towards Klong Kloi beach in the distance. You can also hike along the Bangbao pier, and the pier is a good place for panoramic views.

3) View of Bangbao and the southern islands. Look at the village and south towards the islands from the Rasta View bar and restaurant on the main road. Nice place for a drink and an amazing view.

4) View of the Klong Kloi beach. The road leads very close to the west end of the beach, making it easy to take a nice shot when looking along the beach. You can park nearby and walk on the footbridge to the beach, where you will find lots of small restaurants by the sea alone.

5) North along Lonely Seashore. Go to Siam Hut and you’ll see a great view along Lonely Beach towards the Siam Seashore Resort at the north end.

6) South along the Lonely Seashore. Quiet end of the beach. Good views from the rocky rock outside the pool villa at Siam Seashore Resort.

7) Kai Bae’s point of view. One of the island views for postcards. From a viewpoint, you are looking down at Sea View Resort and the island of Koh Man Nai, which is several hundred meters from the shore. The best time for photos is before noon, because the sun will be behind you or at sunset.

8) Views of Kai Bae Seashore. The northern end of the beach is not so interesting. The best stretch of sand is the southern part, and you can get a good 180 degree picture from outside the Kai Bae Seashore Resort.

9) Kai Bae Waterfall. Maybe you want to avoid the crowds. You may want to avoid the entrance fee of 200 Baht. But if you want a waterfall that is rarely visited but within easy reach, this is a good choice. Only 15 minutes walk along the path and also along the riverbed in places. You will feel as if you were deep in the jungle. On the left side of the pool is also a path to the top of the waterfall.

10) North view along Klong Prao beach. Chok Dee Resort is the only reason to go for a wonderful view along the Three km Klong Prao Beach. You’ll get a nice shot with the mountains in the background.

11) A quiet stretch of beach. If you are here during the season and want to give the impression that you got off the beaten track and found a distant beach, go here. This part of Klong Prao Beach, north of Santhiya Tree Resort, is always quiet.

12) View of the Klong Prao estuary. The beach is divided in half by the mouth of the river (where our guest house is). From Rivermouth you can enjoy a very picturesque view.

13) Panoramic views of the peak. Follow the inland road to Klong Prao school. Stop when you reach the rocky rock on the right. Climb the rocks and get a panoramic view overlooking the sea. Nice place for the sunset.

14) Mini Amazon. Very few people try to paddle a river on a canoe. The river is lined with mangrove trees and you will feel as if you were discovering a distant river, while in reality you are not far from civilization.

15) Klong Plu waterfall. The most popular and picturesque waterfall on the island. Entrance fee 200 Baht. Go early in the morning, around 8.30, and you’ll have a place for yourself for about an hour. Wait until late morning or afternoon, and during the season can fill up with tour groups.

16) Views of the sun from the rocks. Follow the path behind the seafront villas on the rocky peninsula. There are several wooden ladders that allow easy climbing to the top and this is the perfect place to watch the sunset. Or a 360 degree panorama.

17) View along Klong Prao beach. Head to Chai Chet Resort at the far north end of the beach and you’ll get a great view south along Klong Prao Beach towards Kai Bae.

18) Views in the jungle and a 300-year-old tree. Instead of wasting all day wandering to take good photos from the jungle, take a 15-minute walk through the jungle at Chai Chet Resort. The path begins behind the houses on the rocky coast. It goes along the shore and then goes inland to a small clearing with a 300-year-old tree. (At the end of 2019, Chai Chet Resort does not like non-residents who like views. So you must sneak in ;-))

19) Navy Shrine. This is a monument to the founder of the Royal Thai Navy. Access is up a steep step by the main road. (Or, much easier, ride the scooter to the concrete access road, and then park on top of the hill.) Views of the sea and some old anti-aircraft guns outside the temple.

20) Khao Yom. It’s the hardest day you can do on Koh Chang because there are a few very steep sections. But you’ll be rewarded with great views from above. Looking down at White Sand Beach, south to Klong Prao and north to Klong Son and the mainland.

21) A beach with white sand. Use the sidewalk on the beach next to the 7-eleven at the far north end of the beach to have good views north and south along the beach.

22) Viewpoint. The most popular vantage point on the island. Looking down at White Sand Beach and south along the west coast of the island.

23) Beach at White Sand Seashore Resort. This part of White Sand beach is hidden when you are in a more crowded place. But go to White Sand Seashore Resort and be rewarded with one of the island’s best beach sections that is never busy.

24) Klong Son fishing village. This is overlooked by most visitors. But if you want to see authentic local life, you don’t have to go southeast of the island, you’ll find it here. There is a small fishing community on the pier and a port where boats moor. Plus a path that you can walk at the mouth of the river.

25) Siam Royal View seashore. Another long layer of sand with Khao Jom in the background. A great place to take photos at sunset with the sun setting in the center of the horseshoe-shaped bay.

26) Chinese temple “Godfather Koh Chang”. This is not a Buddhist temple. This is a Chinese temple where locals come to make offerings to the spirits who look after the island. The original settlers on Koh Chang were Chinese sailors. In the past, they sacrificed to ensure a good harvest or catch of fish. Nowadays, you’ll see resort owners and restaurateurs praying to provide more tourists and better Tripadvisor reviews.

27) Baan Kwan Chang. Not everyone wants to go to an elephant camp. But if you do, the best is in the Klong Son Valley. Even if you don’t want to ride elephants, you can still buy fruit, feed them and take some photos.

28) Klong Jao ‚Äč‚ÄčLeum Waterfall. Another small waterfall that is overlooked by most visitors. Park in a small restaurant on the river, pay 40 baht, and then it’s an easy 15-minute walk through the jungle, an easy path along the river to a small waterfall, where there is also a pool where you can cool off. Avoid weekends and you will probably have it for yourself.

29) Chinese temple. Another smaller Chinese temple for sailors with an impressive dragon mural. The village of Da Mai is the capital of Koh Chang. And 100 years ago there was a customs house here.

30) The end of the pier. Dan Maiaffords pier with impressive views along the east coast of the island. Cars are not allowed on the pier, but you can easily ride the scooter to the end.

31) Klong Nonsi Waterfall. Follow the road at the back of government offices that ends at the river. Nice bathing area on one of three levels. Perfect for children. (There’s more if you want to go sightseeing and climb ropes to higher levels.) No admission tickets or parking fees.

32) End of the next pier. Another of the old moths that were used to deliver ships to the island in the days preceding car ferries. Is nearby