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Koh Chang


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Alicja Stępień

With the help of Raf we went to visit the elephants Without tiring, riding, any shows that are proposed. If you want to meet these delicate giants, contact Rafał.


I would like to recommend the services of Raf Furr and Eddy Journey, we used the transfer from BKK to Koh Chang and return and trips to Ayutthaya, all on time, very good communication and organization. Don’t be afraid to pay in advance for Rafał’s services. We are satisfied and recommend it.

Zosia Wasilewska

Thank you very much for organizing efficient transport from BKK to Koh Chang by Rafal. Seamlessly we found ourselves in a hotel with a driver who did not exceed 100km / h brought us to the resort on the island. Nice contact, all efficiently and smoothly! We recommend!

Agnieszka Relidzyńska

Tremendous yacht trip with captain Steve, organized thanks to Raf Furr. Despite the morning rain, the day was full of wonderful views of paradise beaches. Care of captain I class, we felt safe and comfortable. The yacht is comfortable, clean and full of professionalism. I would highly recommend . The route to be agreed with the captain. Raf, Steve thank you for a wonderful day full of excitement.

Alicja Stępień

Thank you Raf Furr for organizing a private boat trip to three islands. Amazing adventure, beautiful views! ? Thank you.

Yola Iwanícka

I would like to recommend the services of Raf Furr and Eddy Journey, we used the transfer from BKK to Koh Chang and return as well as trips to Ayutthaya, all on time, very good communication and organization. Don’t be afraid to pay in advance for Rafał’s services. We are satisfied and recommend ?

Rafal Patzer

Tremendous trip to the three islands of Ko Loyola, Ko Wai and Ko Khlum, organized by Raf Furr and Eddie. Due to the fact that nobody came for the attachment, we went four, so the conditions were better than good. Kindest service. The gentlemen were adapting to our schedule. We were the first on Ko Layola, so the beach was all ours. Medium reef, but close to the shore. No pub, because the hotel owner said he opens as he has 30 guests. But the coconuts were. On Ko Wai a little more people, the pub and reef a little better than the previous one. You need to swim to the shore from the boat, so it’s good to have a waterproof bag. Medium-sized beach, but very charming. A modest lunch on board, but very tasty and, what is important for children, mild. A lot of fruits. And for dessert – the reef at Ko Khlum is very nice. Lots of fish, lively and diverse reef. We didn’t go ashore here. Coming back, we also got to Koh Chang, where there are a lot of monkeys. Thanks again Rafał. ?????

Krzysztof Marschal

Once again, thanks to Raf Furr for help. First a cruise and now transport to BKK at a really good ticket office and great conditions.

And when it comes to the island, we’ll be back here Olo ?

Barbara Kern

Thanks to Rafal / Eddy for organizing such a wonderful trip around the island. We sailed on a boat like in Venice, around the mangrove forests … beautiful. Trip to the Chinese pagoda, further south also a fishing port, where I recommend climbing the stairs in the lighthouse. As a reward, beautiful views of the nearby islands and ships moored at the port. Waterfalls and other areas around the island add charm. The island is not only beach water and snorkelling. The land is still pristine, so it’s worth seeing?

Magdalena Lesiak

Raf Furr thanks a lot for helping us organize our full-day private boat trip to the islets, beautiful clean beaches, indescribable water ???
9 people including two disabled children in wheelchairs, the boat may not look exlusive, but for us it was tremendous, so low kids could easily go down to the water and we had no problems to put them on board again. Very convenient price, very helpful staff. Amazing impressions.
I recommend Rafał and Eddy Journey with a clear conscience. I will add that Rafał took us a boat an hour ?
➡️ I don’t have photos of the whole boat, but Rafał has them,
➡️ Pictures without any modifications ?

Krystian Krychu

Raf Furr GREAT thanks for your help in organizing the trip. The whole day spent on paradise islands, among the rays of the sun, azure water and colorful fish. Thank you. We recommend ??

Agnieszka Szczepanik

Trip organized with the help of Rafał, at Eddie’s, worth recommending. Three islands and fishing. Fish prepared for lunch immediately tasted very good, although they looked exotic. Beautiful reefs, as well as landscapes. I would recommend.

Agnieszka Mikos

We came back from a trip organized by Rafał. We had the whole boat to ourselves and this option was good for us because no one imposed on anyone how much time to spend and what to do. We visited the three islands of Ko Loyola, Ko Wai and Ko Khlum. During the trip we were served lunch, fruit and coffee. We also fished but unfortunately we didn’t catch anything???. When we were leaving the boat, I saw a bigger and probably cheaper boat with a group of Russians and you could get drunk only by inhaling their fumes. I don’t know how they controlled them on the boat because they barely walked. I do not regret that we paid more because we had a very pleasant trip. I note that I also know cool Russians and I’m not against any nation 🙂

Barbara Kern

Yesterday a trip to 3 islands by private boat…. The trip was really great. Islands like on postcards… converted fishing boat-class.
With three lovely couples from Poland – real luxury.
We saw huge bunk ice on the way filled with a lot of tourists… Horror.

As a special attraction was
fishing from Łódź which turned out to be quite soon if you have absolutely no idea about it ?

snorkeling on coral reefs with a lot of colorful fish ?-adorable…
A few slices of bread collect hundreds of hungry fish ????
Boat service was casual, we set up a trip plan and stay on the islands…
Transport from the hotel included in the price ? and driving to the port by car on mountain streamers turned out to be quite an attraction.
By the way, we visited the southwest part of the island and Bang Bao fishing – it’s worth visiting (lots of various shops whatever the soul desires. Prices are much lower than on other parts of the island, so all ladies will definitely be able to choose something beautiful ?

I recommend with all my heart to everyone interested for such a short trip to paradise.

Rafał thank you so much for your next help with the organization You can learn a lot from you and learn ??

Magdalena Kanjerska

Trip around the island with Eddy. I recommend

Anna Majsterek

Rafał I wanted to thank you because I can already see that this place is brilliant!!!! with an elegant resort spa hotel this is fabulous


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